Faiths of Faerûn was a column published in Dragon magazine. The series debuted in June 2001 (Dragon #284) and ended in August 2004 (Dragon #322).

The column explored the Prestige classes of various deities in the Realms.


Issue Title Author Description Citation template
Dragon #284 Magistrati & Watchers Eric Haddock and Julia Martin A custom faith for the Realms, complete with multiclass paths. [citation template]
Dragon #285 Silverstar Eric Haddock and Julia Martin A prestige class for the Realms. [citation template]
Dragon #286 Nightcloak Eric Haddock and Julia Martin Introducing the favored priests of Shar (a prestige class). [citation template]
Dragon #287 Dreadmaster Eric Haddock and Julia Martin A prestige class for Bane's clerics. [citation template]
Dragon #290 Dancers of Sharess Eric Haddock and Julia Martin A godly prestige class. [citation template]
Dragon #294 The Green Hunter Eric Haddock An organization of elite hunters in service to Thard Harr, with accompanying Prestige Class. [citation template]
Dragon #312 Prayers of the Frostmaiden Thomas M. Costa This article outlines the spells of the goddess Auril. [citation template]
Dragon #313 Elder Serpents of Set Thomas M. Costa This article discusses the unique and deadly Elder Serpent. [citation template]
Dragon #317 Battleguard of Tempus Thomas M. Costa A Prestige Class for the soldier-saints of the god of battles. Includes new spells and a new domain. [citation template]
Dragon #317 Holy Strategists of the Red Knight Travis Stout The clergy of the Red Fellowship. Includes new feats and spells. [citation template]
Dragon #321 Arvoreen's Keepers Thomas M. Costa New prestige classes for the Defender of the Realms. [citation template]
Dragon #322 Nether Hounds of Kiaransalee Thomas M. Costa The drow goddess of the undead and vengeance, and her nether hounds. [citation template]
Dragon #322 Deathstalker of Bhaal Thomas M. Costa The lord of murder and a prestige class for him. [citation template]



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