Highlord Falaeve was the sun elf ruler of Siluvanede around the 3rd century DR.[1][2]


In keeping with Siluvanedenn haughtiness, Falaeve forbade all visitors to the realm, not even "lesser" races of elves. The Highlord made this point coldly clear to all. The only place he permitted other races was at the city of Lothen, where they came to consult the Aeltagarr.[1]


In the Year of the Flaming Forests, 224 DR, a figure purporting to be Highlord Falaeve visited Morlin Castle, at a feast hosted by Lord Breiyr of Morlin and also attended by Axelord Arthlach of Ammarindar and a Herald known as Huntinghorn. Huntinghorn reported on how Athalantar's forces had burned Siluvanede's Halangorn Forest and slaughtered Siluvanedenn elves that spring, but Falaeve was strangely dubious and dismissive and tried covertly casting a spell. For that, Arthlach slew Falaeve, who was revealed to be Mage Royal Ubriien Orlyn of Athalantar in disguise, doubtless the one responsible for the attacks on Siluvanede. Huntinghorn, meanwhile, was in fact the adventuress Myrjala in magical disguise as well. The real Highlord Falaeve was never present.[2]


The false Falaeve displayed sharp elven features, large silver eyes, bronze skin, a hawkish nose, and hair that was long and golden-blond in hue; his expression was often haughty or sneering. He was tall and graceful. He wore a white silk long-sleeved shirt and an overtunic of gilden shimmerweave, with bracers decorated with gems and the silver griffon symbol of Siluvanede worked in gold wire, and kept his hair tied back tightly at the nape of his neck with a filigreed pin adorned with fine gems and the dazzle of spells. It is unknown what of this disguise represented the real Highlord.[2]




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