A falchion (pronounced: /ˈfɑːlʌnFAL-chun[5]) was type of large, single-edged, two-handed sword.[2]


The falchion looked much like a big scimitar with a wide blade curved toward the tip. The blade was one-sided and heavy, weighing as much as some greatswords. The pommel, cross guard, and grip were similar to a bastard sword.[2]

The heavy blade of the falchion gave it an almost axe-like ability to chop through armor and yet retained the advantages of a sword. Its weight required two hands and special training to wield effectively, so it was therefore considered a martial weapon.[2]

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Several heroes of the realm, including Aoth Fezim and Gaedynn Ulraes, have wielded falchion swords.[6]


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