Falcons were small birds of prey, often used in hunting.[1]


Falcons looked similar to hawks but were smaller in size.[1]


Falcons made their nest in trees and in underground burrows.[1]


Falcons were obligate carnivores. Larger falcons were known to prey on small humanoids.[1][4]


Falcons were a favored animal of the Mulhorandi god Anhur and the halfling god Arvoreen. They were sacred to the goddesses Milil and Red Knight as well.[5]

Moon elves had a special fondness for falcons and often kept them as pets.[6] Centaurs within the forest of Cormanthor used falcons as scouts.[citation needed] In some human lands, such as Cormyr, formal education among the aristocracy included falconry.[7] Some rangers kept falcons as animal companions.[8] At the market, a well-trained falcon could be sold for up to 1,000 gp.[1]

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