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Falcon's hunting lodge was the only safe retreat for travelers in the southern reaches of Neverwinter Wood during the late 15th century DR. It belonged to Gustaf Stellern, who was called Falcon the Hunter. He catered to wealthy people from Neverwinter who were looking for a break from city life. Falcon employed the cook Corwin and the stablehand Pell.[1]


The main lodge was a two-story building with the heads of dead orcs hanging as trophies on the walls of the dining hall. A fortified tower was attached to the main house. Additionally, the compound included a guest house, a connected two-story stable house and smithy, a gatehouse and an outhouse. There were also pens on the hunting lodge grounds for two dozen chickens and a rooster, six pigs, and four goats. In his pantry, Falcon stored enough supplies for an entire season. The whole compound was protected against the forest wildlife by a 10‑foot-high (3‑meter) log palisade. A narrow stone bridge allowed crossing the Neverwinter River at the hunting lodge.[1]


Map of the Neverwinter Wood with the position of Falcon's hunting lodge marked.

The hunting lodge was located in the south of the Neverwinter Wood, on the east bank of a tributary of the Neverwinter River.[2]


Food and stays in the simple guest house were free but a stay in the deluxe guest room cost 10 gp per night. Falcon also offered his survival skills to anybody in need of a guide.[1]


Following the appearance of the white dragon Cryovain in the Sword Mountains, Falcon noticed an alliance of orcs from the south and the half-orc anchorites of Talos had gathered in the Woodland Manse not far from his hunting lodge. He reached out to Phandalin to hire some adventurers to make a preemptive strike against them. In retaliation, a band of twenty orcs attacked Falcon's hunting lodge. The anchorites of Talos also conjured Gorthok the Thunder Boar to aid their attack.[1]



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