Falconsrise was an island that lay west of the Singing Rocks[1] in the Trackless Sea, off the coast of Calimshan in west Faerûn.[2]

Geography & DescriptionEdit

Falconsrise emerged alone from the sea, and it was too small to appear on many charts of the area. It was a windswept place, but managed a tiny, freshwater lake, enabling life to cling to it. It had no natural predators since the last rock cat was slain.[1]


Falconsrise was once the abode of Onthaer of Athkatla, a saintly hermit of Ilmater. Onthaer wrestled and killed the last rock cat on the island.

The island was next the hermitage of the disgraced Archsufferer Bloirt Waelarn, sentenced to the island for triggering a holy war within the Church of Ilmater in 1267 DR. But as the ship took him to Falconsrise, Waelarn used his magic to murder most of the crew. An Ilmatari priest escaped the slaughter and locked himself in a cabin, using the brief opportunity to contact an archmage he knew, before Waelarn broke in and murdered him too. The archmage soon arrived, grabbed Waelarn off the ship, and delivered him to Falconsrise. Furthermore, to prevent the rogue priest from signaling passing ships and passing himself off as a shipwrecked sailor, the archmage transformed Waelarn into a frightful monster. He soon went insane. [note 1]

Finally, however, circa 1341 DR, a pirate ship driven by a storm out of the Nelanther Isles ran aground on Falconsrise. Waelarn used the ship to escape the island and return to the mainland.[1]


The isle of Falconsrise was occasionally used by the faithful of Ilmater the Crying God as a hermitage, with the lonely inhabitant titled the "Hermit of Falconsrise".[1]



  1. This archmage is unnamed, but is mentioned as "a certain bearded archmage" and "mysterious", suggesting a famous mage of the Realms, such as Elminster Aumar or Khelben Arunsun.