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Faldorn was a power-hungry druid and the leader of the Shadow Druids that operated in west Faerûn during the mid–14th century DR.[1]

"Why must man always despoil the Oak Father's gifts?"
— Faldorn


Like the other druids of her enclave, Faldorn supported the use of violence in the struggle of nature against the encroachment of men.

Despite her militant beliefs, Faldorn's speech and behavior were surprisingly mellow and laid-back.[1]


She had the innate ability to summon forth dread wolves.[1]


Faldorn was born within the Black Raven tribe of Uthgardt barbarians. When she was just an infant, she was given away to the a group known as the Shadow Druids. The enclave of druids raised her as their own.[1]

During the iron crisis of 1368 DR, Faldorn fought against the Iron Throne mercantile organization. She sought to end their mining operation that was active within the Cloak Wood forest.[1]

Following the collapse of the Baldurian Iron Throne, Faldorn traveled south to Amn in the Year of the Gauntlet, 1369 DR. She came across a druidic circle whose grand druid had recently died. Faldorn took over leadership of the druid grove near Trademeet with the aid of her fellow Shadow Druids.[2]

As the Shadow Druids continued for over a hundred years later well into the late 15th century DR. The order continued their operations in memory of their former leader.[3]



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Baldur's Gate series (Baldur's GateShadows of Amn)
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Behind the Scenes[]

She is voiced by Heidi Shannon, who also voiced Jaheira and other characters in the Baldur's Gate series.

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