Faldorn was a druid of the 1360s DR.[1]


She was a member of the Shadow Druids, a militant sect of druids that believed in the violent struggle of nature against man. She disagreed vehemently with Jaheira and her mainstream druidic views of man co-existing peacefully alongside nature. However, despite her militant beliefs, Faldorn's speech and behavior were surprisingly mellow and laid-back.[1]


In 1368 DR, she could've been found by Gorion's Ward and party in the Cloakwood forest fighting against the Iron Throne.[1]

Once the Iron Throne was dealt with, she traveled south to a druid grove in Amn near Trademeet and, with some of her Shadow Druid allies, took it over, sending animals to attack the town until defeated in a druidic combat ritual.[2]


She is voiced by Heidi Shannon, who also voiced Jaheira and other characters in the Baldur's Gate games.



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