Falious was a Netherese archwizard and the ruler of the Tanathras enclave.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

The goodly archwizard established his enclave over Dagger's Point in 3212 NY (−647 DR) and decided to clear the city of the evil that pervaded it. Trothas Helgaras ruled Dagger's Point, which had high levels of assassinations and robberies. Trothas found out that Falious came to cleanse his city, and commanded his men (under disguise of his previous students) to infiltrate Tanathras. Falious, without knowing the truth about Trothas' men, followed their instructions to the intended spot. For Trothas, everything went to plan as he cast a disintegrate spell at the mythallar of Tanathras, causing Falious' enclave to plummet into the Dagger Mountains.[1]

Appendix[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. The races of the arcanists in the full table (Netheril: Empire of Magic pp. 23–28) are not explicitly referenced, unlike in the NPCs list (Netheril: Empire of Magic p. 106), which states that they are assumed to be human unless said otherwise. However, the text after the "Spells" heading (Netheril: Empire of Magic p. 22) says that the spells are "Netherese spells", and the text following this is from the perspective of the Netherese (humans): "Other spellcasting races dispute many of the claims made by the Netherese regarding who first created what spell", etc. For this reason, the arcanists provided in this list (and mentioned in other sections of the sourcebook) are assumed to be Netherese humans.

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