Fallentree was a village in the Vast, lying where Feldar's Trail from Dark Hollow met Blaern's Trail between Sendrin and Dead Tree Hollow.[1]


The area was once plagued by bandits, who lurked in the pine woods and ambushed travelers on the road. Some charged upon their victims, while others dropped tall pine trees across the road to force caravans to stop. In time, the merchants stopped passing through, and so the bandits had to increase their range.

Eventually, merchants going through the Fallentree area gathered into great caravans with armies of guards. Bandit raids became sizable battles, and the most powerful gangs were destroyed. Smaller gangs remained in the area by 1370 DR, but swiftly came and went due to death or infighting.[1]


Fallentree was a village lying by the side of the road, named—obviously—for its fallen trees. The lands around were rolling hills with about a dozen small woods of dark pines.

The village was known for its horse farms.[1]

Local legendsEdit

Legend had it that, beneath one of the cottages, was a cavern home to an ancient temple of Garagos, Master of All Weapons, that was apparently even still in use by the cultists of the war god. Supposedly, they'd collected magical weapons from all over Faerûn, using them to adorn their temple, and they had spells to animate the weapons in its defense.

Quite a few of the old bandit gangs left their buried treasures in the area, leaving no record of where. However, in the years since, small stashes of loot were regularly found at the foots of old pine trees, typically chests and decaying sacks of coins.

One impressive find was a whole wagon of silver trade-bars and its dead guards, all buried. Protective spells on the treasure, however, had turned the slain guards into skeletal undead.

Local rumor claimed that a wizard of middling power and two of his apprentices were once killed by bandits. Supposedly, their spellbooks, magic rings, and other possessions were still buried in or near to Fallentree.[1]


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