False tracks was a common illusion spell used by ninjas to elude pursuers.[1][2] The spell was very rare outside Kara-Tur.[1]


When cast, the spell allowed a ninja to hide their tracks on a soft surface such as dirt or dust. The spell made the ninja's footprints appear as normal animal tracks. The ninja choose which animal during casting. The tracks adjusted for the speed of the ninja's movement. The spell's illusion extended to the clothing of the ninja, so if a piece of the ninja's clothing was cut off or snagged, it appeared as a piece of animal skin. The illusion did not apply to the ninja's equipment or items.[1][2]

The spell was vulnerable to dispel magic. If a dispel magic spell was cast anywhere on the track, the entire illusion would shatter, thus revealing the ninja's true footprints. When the spell expired, the tracks reverted to normal.[1][2]


The spell required only a somatic component, kuji-kiri hand gestures.[1][2]



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