A fang dagger was an enchanted dagger that, when drawn, appeared as a 6" emerald-green serpent. While it appeared as a normal blade when sheathed, it otherwise had no sharp edge, could not be used to parry or defend in combat, or used in any utilitarian manner and could only barely pierce the skin of an opponent. It did however inject venom when it struck a victim, in the same manner as the bite of a snake. The venom within the blade was never exhausted, as long as the head of the dagger was not severed.[1]

These daggers were a favored weapons of thieves and wizards of Thay, as well as lands like Murghôm, Semphar, Raurin, and Durpar but were quite uncommon in the North.[1]


The ritual of crafting fang daggers required a live snake, an existing dagger, powdered gems, a drop of sovereign glue and the casting of a temporal stasis spell.[1]



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