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The Fankiang were a tribe of nomadic humans living on the Plain of Horses in the Hordelands.[3]


The Fankiang lived in the eastern regions of the Endless Waste. Their lands bordered those of the Pazruki, Kashghun, Quirish, Zamogedi, and Gur tribes.[4]


They spoke the Fankiang dialect of the Chuchian tongue.[5][1][2][note 1]

The Fankiang had no true allies among the tribes of the Endless Wastes, and they were particularly hostile to the Commani, the Quirish, the Tuigan, and the Dalat tribes.[6]


The Fankiang's feud with the Commani began long ago, during a couralitai, a grand council of the khans (princes of the villages), when all the tribes were in attendance. During a heated argument at the council, the khan of the Commani and his sons were assassinated. The murderers were never discovered, but the Commani blamed the Fankiang for defending the attackers. This led to hatred between the two groups, which lasted even into the 14th century.[6]

Over the years, the Fankiang and Quirish raided each other, with the Quirish usually losing.[6]

Around the time of the late 14th century, a young Dalat noyan (noble) attended a couralitai, a grand council of the khans (princes of the villages), called by Yamun Khahan. During this council, the Dalat noyan desired one of the Fankiang noblemans' daughters for himself, even though she was engaged to another. The Dalat man kidnapped her, beginning a blood feud between the two groups.[6]

When Yamun Khahan rose to power, his Grand Army of the Tuigan conquered the Fankiang. Despite this, they were very rebellious to his control and difficult for him to rule.[6]



  1. The Horde lists "Fankiang" as a language in its own right, but the Kara-Tur sources discuss this as only a dialect of the Chuchian language.


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