The Far Forest was one of a group of three forests named the Triangle of Trees.[1]


The Far Forest was full of small lakes, some of which had become stinking marshes infested by will-o'-wisps and a few chuul.[2]

These woods had a handful of sites where ancient ruins were covered by roots and climbing plants.[2]


This was once a relatively peaceful forest much like the brighter parts of the nearby High Forest, but as dark creatures poured out of Hellgate Keep into these woods, the dryads and treants of the forest left. Over time, the forest itself became dark and twisted by the demonic forces from Hellgate Keep. Before the fall of Hellgate Keep there were no sylvan races left in these woods. With the fall of Hellgate Keep treants and dryads moved back in and the fiendish creatures have fled the forest, some traveling south towards the Fallen Lands.[3]

Around the Year of the Tankard, 1370 DR, the forest was tended by Turlang and his forest followers.[1]

Around the Year of Wild Magic, 1372 DR, centaurs and satyrs moved to explore the southern area while some deadly plants and trees like tendriculoses and assassin vines were placed by Turlang along the western slope of the forest to discourage deforestation.[2]


The heart of the forest was populated by giant spiders and other creatures that were the result of cruel magical experiments conducted by the Netherese. Travelers who journeyed through the Forest faced many dangers: ettercap, bears, owlbears, spiders, giant beetles, snakes and stirges roamed among the trees. The eastern side of the forest was less dense than the rest of the forest.[2][4]

A number of fey creatures dwelled within the forest, namely dryads and sprites.[4]



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