The Fardrimm was a tunnel network in the Underdark, located under the lands known as Old Delzoun.[1]


Located in the Northdark portion of the Underdark, the Fardrimm was located near the drow cities of Ched Nasad, Yathcol,[1] northeast of the great city of Menzoberranzan.[2]. The portion of the Fardrimm, called the Lowroad, connected the Northdark with the subterranean regions of Faerûn beneath the Anauroch desert,[3][4][1]



During the Age of the Proud People, this network of tunnels served as a secret link between the dwarfholds of the Northkingdom. Unfortunately, they were difficult to keep clear of Underdark wildlife and had been infested by the Year of the Black Unicorn, −100 DR.[1]

During the 14th century DR, dwarves from the citadels of Adbar and Felbarr, along with those from Sundabar maintained patrols within their portions of Fardrimm. While most dwarves of these dwarfholds thought that clearing the tunnels was a futile effort, the optimistic merchant Rurik Silverhilt often hired adventurers to clear their passageways with the aim of bringing them into the sole ownership of the dwarves of the North. He saw the endeavor as extremely profitable, and by the Year of Lightning Storms, 1374 DR, had brought back a number of caravans full of trade goods from the Underdark.[1]



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