Faridah bint Halah was a person of note in Hawa.[1]


She was tall and trim and had deep brown eyes that matched her sun-streaked brown hair. Faridah always smelled of rich perfume and was thought of as one of the prettier corsair captain's of Hawa. Most believed her to be a human, but Faridah was actually a lamia noble masquerading as a human in order to spread evil throughout the Corsair Domains.[1]


Rumors of her cruelty had led to substantial rewards being offered by Qudra for her capture.[1]


Faridah's most implemented ability was her wisdom-drain.[1]


Faridah's ship was Dark Rover, a notorious vessel among the Free Cities of Zakhara and the mamluks of Qudra. She owned a secret fortified area on top of a portion of the Island of Firethorns.[1]


She actively sought prisoners while out on the seas in order to add to her crew. Faridah developed a plan to eventually enslave the entire population of the fishing village of Safe Cove, draining the wisdom of a few inhabitants on each of her visits.[1]


Faridah was followed loyally be her crew, each of which had had their wisdom drained and acted as slaves to her will.[1]



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