A faris (plural farisan; farisa for females) was a holy warrior of Zakhara.[1][note 1]


Farisan had no special requirements, though the vast majority of these warriors were good-natured.[1]


Farisan were the mortal champions of their gods. This level of devotion went beyond that of even paladins as paladins leaned toward fighting for good and law. The will of a faris's god (and church) took priority above all other matters. A faris also played an important role in recruiting followers to their god's path.[1]

Holy warriors went out of their way to aid others fighting for their gods. Goods, services, supplies, and shelter were just a few benefits that could be expected.[1]

Farisan were obedient followers of their god's church. As such they were expected to carry out orders from their superiors even in the face of certain death.[1]


All armor and weapon types were available to farisan. Additionally, they usually carried the holy symbol of their chosen god.[1]



  1. Farisan was a fighter class kit for the Al-Qadim setting.


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