Farl was a thief in Hastarl in the ancient kingdom of Athalantar and the best friend of the young Elminster Aumar.

History[edit | edit source]

Farl was the illegitimate son of the Royal Mage Neldryn Hawklyn, leader of the magelords, but for his poor birth he lived on the fringes of society and became a thief.

One day in 224 DR, Farl met and befriended the young Elminster, who was under the alias Eladar the Dark, and the two became one of the most infamous pair of thieves of the city.

In 229 DR, shortly after the current Magister killed his father, a powerful thieves' guild called the Moonclaw emerged in Hastarl. Farl and El with some others formed a gang dubbed the Velvet Hands in opposition. Soon however, El decided to leave the kingdom to fulfill his destiny and said goodbye to Farl.

In the years after, Farl destroyed the Moonclaw, who were discovered to be servants of the magelords, and began a relationship with his fellow thief Tassabra. At last, Farl welcomed Elminster, by now a powerful wizard, who came back and helped in his insurrection and slew all magelords.[1]

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