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Farr Windward was a small settlement close to Orlumbor; the population was strictly limited to outcasts, eccentrics, and their descendants, from many cities of the Sword Coast.[1]

This is a village of misfits. Perhaps their power in their home city was too great to let them remain free, but execution would only make them martyrs.
— Description of Farr Windward[1]


Farr Windward was to the west of Orlumbor, on the other side of a long, winding, mountainous tunnel trail. Due to the treacherous, sunless, and monster-filled path, it could take adventurers days to reach the high-up village.[1]

The village was built upon a rocky peninsula, atop soaring cliffs. As the far descent to the sea below was very rocky, escaping was almost impossible. The only other way out was through the vigilant guards, or death via "The Leap".[1]


The state did not seem to have its own government. Instead, it was maintained by the major cities of the Sword Coast. However, the small settlement had some citizens that appeared to lead and guide the others.[1]


Although Farr Windward did not have the allowance of free trade, many residents invented and sold useful items, such as magical boot liners, known as Farrberjiks.[1]


In 1358 DR, the inhabitants had finally had enough of being treated like prisoners. Thus, two residents, Haalbok and Ougo, had devised a plan to free the people of Farr Windward forever. After recruiting the Heroes of Ascore and dispatching the opposing spy network, they acquired the branding iron that marked those as being of the colony of Farr Windward. Ougo and the heroes made their way out of the the colony and branded the leader of Orlumbor, Tulgar Wrighttson. Wrighttson would have been declared to be banished and sent to the colony with the misfits. However, Ougo offered a solution, and Wrighttson subsequently nullified the meaning of the brand, and freed the colony. He allowed Farr Windward to become a free community in Orlumbor.[1]


Is there not enough misery in the world already? We do not pour water into a flood, or add oil to a fire when it burns a neighbor's house. With misery, why should our course be different?
— A resident of Farr Windward on celebrating, instead of mourning, the dead.[1]

All in the small community had been banished from their original settlements, either due to their power, unconventional lifestyles, or craziness. Guards roamed the streets, and kept records of the inmates.[1]

Every inhabitant of Farr Windward had a large red-circle brand on their forearm. The brand indicated that they were part of the community, and could never leave. The brand also symbolized that, if they were able to miraculously escape, they were deranged and unable to fit in with society. If one tried to leave, or helped them to leave, the penalty was death.[1]



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