The Farsea Marshes was a wetland located in interior Faerûn west of Cormyr.[1]


The Farsea Marshes were located south of the Anauroch desert, west of the Stonelands, north of the Storm Horns mountain range, and east of Sunset Mountains.[2] This wetland eventually joined with the Marsh of Tun some time after the Era of Upheaval to form the Farsea Swamp.[3]


The region originally consisted of a freshwater lake, known as Farsea Lake, that was surrounded by forest planted in rich, moist and deep soil.[4] After the rotational shift of Toril in the Year of Spreading Spring, 1038 DR[5] the water level of Farsea Lake dropped, causing it's shores to become marshy. Insects bred uncontrolled among the remaining stagnant water[6] and as the weather became warmer and drier in the following decades, the entire lake became merely a wetland.



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