The Farwater was the largely uncultivated region of Impiltur, located in the northeastern part of the realm beyond the Great Imphras River. It was a majestically beautiful but uncivilized locale that drew in Impilturan settlers and frontiersmen to its numerous fledgling farming communities.[1]

Many of the region's pioneers hired adventuring parties to protect them from the ever-present threat of hobgoblins that poured down from the Earthspur Mountains.[1]

Notable LocationsEdit

  • Bay Town: Located on the shores of the Bluefang Water, this large settlement was rife with crime led by a large thieves' guilds.[1]
  • Ilmwatch: This imposing fortress-town guarded the trade route that led from southern Impiltur, north along the Herald's Run to the realm of Damara.[1]



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