Fasruil was the northernmost city in Luiren. It was famous for the tasty red rhubarb that was traded across all of Luiren and other countries of the Shining South.[1]


Fasruil sat along the southern rim of the Long Forest near the eastern border of Luiren. Much of the farmland surrounding this portion of the forest was considered the best in the whole country.[1]


Some 3,000 halflings called Fasruil home. Most of these halflings made their living through farming or baking.[1]

Silari Carver was the mayor of Fasruil in 1367 DR.


As of 1367, Fasruil was a quickly growing city because of increased trading with both Durpar and Halruaa.[1]

Armed ForcesEdit

A collection of forty warders patrolled the forest near the city.[1]



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