Fastrin the Delver was a powerful wizard and the benevolent ruler of an ancient kingdom in the Sunrise Mountains in East Faerûn, who went mad after uncovering an ancient artifact. He ruled the kingdom for a time during the age of Netheril, prior to the Dale Reckoning.[1][note 1]


For most of his life, Fastrin worked magical wonders for his subjects, and provided council to the realm's lords. He was skilled in the Art, exceptionally clever,[1] and spent much of his time exploring ancient ruins.[2]


One day, Fastrin uncovered a nearly ageless, red book dating back to the earliest ages of Toril, from within an ancient tomb in the Sunrise Mountains. Within the tome were the specifics outlining the ritual of Unmaking, that could destroy all life on Toril and beyond.[3] After this discovery, Fastrin withdrew from his people and secluded himself from his people. Those that did encounter the powerful mage reported him as being deeply troubled.[1]

At some point, someone stole the ancient ritual book from Fastrin, an act that eliminated what was left of his sanity. In the summer of that year, Fastrin embarked upon the systematic slaughter of the people he once served so well. Over the course of weeks he destroyed one community after another, deforming the minds and souls of his murdered countrymen. The knights of the kingdom stood against Fastrin, but to no avail.[1][2]

Fastrin believed the only solution to prevent the Unmaking from being unleashed upon existence was to kill anyone and everyone who could have possibly taken the ritual book he had uncovered.[3] Once his rampage was over, the mage-ruler killed himself in the same manner he had devastated his kingdom.[1]



  1. Unclean refers to the existence of Fastrin's kingdom during a time "not so very long after the fall of Netheril" whereas Undead states the fall of the kingdom occured "when Netheril was young".



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