Favor of the goddess was a divine magic spell available to druids, mystics, rangers, and shamans of Chauntea. At the choice of the caster, it doubled the yield of either mature plants or picked fruit and vegetables. It also removed any taint, disease, or poison from plants or produce unless it was naturally harmful to humans. If cast on immature plants, it advanced them to the fertile stage of life, instantly bearing normal-sized ripe fruit or vegetables.[1]


The caster had to touch the plants or produce in order to cast this spell. He or she could affect either six plants or six pieces of fruit or vegetables. Higher level casters could affect eight, then ten, and so on. Each plant or piece of produce could only be touched by this spell once. Casting this spell again on the same target had no effect.[1]

When cast on a living, mature, fruit-bearing tree or bush, or vegetable-producing plant, the fruit or vegetables instantly doubled in size. The same thing happened to fruit or vegetables that were already picked.[note 1] If the fruit were in a container such as a bucket, crate, or barrel, this sudden increase in volume could cause damage to either the fruit or the container. For example, tomatoes in a sturdy crate would burst as they grew, squeezing out through the slats, whereas pumpkins would cause a small explosion of splintered wood.[1]

Favor of the goddess also restored blighted, diseased, or poisoned plants and produce to pristine wholesomeness. However, fruit and vegetables that were naturally harmful to humans remained harmful, just grew twice as big.[1]


Only verbal and somatic components were required to cast this spell. The caster was required to touch the targets of this spell.[1]


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  1. The interpretation of "doubled in size" is left to the reader. It could be double the weight, which is essentially a doubling of the volume, or it could be double the length of each dimension, which is an eight-fold increase in volume.


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