Favria was an assassin and the leader of an Ashmadai cult in Neverwinter in the late years of the 15th century DR.[2]


Favria had many scars—notably in her face—from the time she was a slave.[2]


Favria was a no-nonsense, cruel and pragmatic person. She liked more a direct approach, and so she was the total opposite to Mordai Vell. She was wise enough to see the value of manipulation, however.[3]


Favria born as a slave of a duergar clan that followed Asmodeus. She escaped when she reached adulthood, but remained fascinated by the devil god.[2]

She went to Neverwinter as part of a search for Gauntlgrym. Here Favria joined the Ashmadai but continued her search for the lost dwarven city, that she intended to conquer in the name of her infernal master. She loyally followed Valindra Shadowmantle because of her assumed possession of the Ruby Rod of Asmodeus.[2]

Favria usually resided in the ruined village of Thundertree, knowing she was too well known in Neverwinter.[3]



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