Fayed was a human priest of Ilmater at the Shrine of Suffering in Baldur's Gate around 1372 DR.[1]


Fayed was a career priest in the service of Ilmater. His home and base of practice were located in the Shrine of Suffering within the city of Baldur's Gate.[1]


Exploring the crypts beneath the shrine, Fayed discovered an orb inside the Chamber of Ashes on the lowest level of the crypts. The orb turned many of his fellow priests into undead beings. He barricaded himself on the first floor after sealing off the lower floors.[1]

There he encountered the adventurers Adrianna, Vahn, and Kromlech, who were on a mission to find the thief Keissen, who'd beeb sent there on a mission by Karne. Fayed was terrified when the trio met him. He explained what had happened and how he revealed the means to uncovering the entrance to the lower levels. While the trio might suggest Fayed leave for his own safety, he insisted on remaining so as to help. After the trio successfully destroyed the orb, Fayed returned and was told how the thief had deliberately placed the orb in the Chamber of Ashes. Fayed then said he would convene with the surviving priests and send a messenger to the Elfsong Tavern with any news to share with the trio. As a reward, he gave them an amulet of protection.[1]




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