Felarathael was a solar in the service of Corellon living in Arvandor. His might was so great that some elves, considered him a demipower in his own right.[1]

 Description Edit

Both Felarathael and his twin, Lashrael, manifested themselves as tall, androgynous elves clad in gleaming white robes and emitting brilliant light.[1]

Personality Edit

Felarathael was a being of pure rationality. Regardless of the situation, Felarathael would consider it from a position of calm detachment and logical reasoning. Whenever he spoke, though slow and measured, his speech was always presented with great reassurance.[1]

This calm demeanor additionally colored his style of battle, always showing great, but unhurried, skill.[1]

History Edit

In 1379 DR, Felarathael and his fellow Lashrael went to the Fugue Plane under the orders of Corellon Larethian to retrieve the Darksong Knight Cavatina Xarann. They explained to her that from that point a few hundreds of the followers of the Dark Maiden (who, as lesser deity, had at least a few thousands of worshipers)[2] had been turned back back to their original dark elven form,[3] and that Cavatina was among them. Felarathael and his twin led her to Arvandor, as they claimed that the transformed drow would be allowed back into the elven afterlife,[4] even though Eilistraee's realm, which continued existing,[5] already was in Arvandor, and so were the souls of her followers within it.[6]

 Skills & Abilities Edit

Whenever Felarathael engaged someone in battle, he could choose to affect a struck target in several different ways.[1]

  • Felarathael could polymorph his opponent into a woodland animal.
  • The victim could be made to randomly teleport several miles away.
  • He could cause his target to suffer from amnesia.





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