Feldepost's Inn was an old establishment located in the town of Beregost. It was a quiet, comfortable inn that was a favorite among the elderly.[1]


Every patron who booked a room was treated to a drawn bath, with water to the temperature of their choosing. The attendants were quiet and polite, and aided customers with bathing if they so requested.[1]

Except during days of warmer weather, each room provided a lit fire for the comfort of its guest.[1]

Food and DrinkEdit

The food served in Feldepost's was quite superior to that found in other establishments. Dishes included such highlights as cheese and cucumber buns and mushroom tarts, which were on the house with the purchase of beverages.[1]


The inn drew its name from its founder and first owner, who died sometime before the mid–14th century DR.[1]

In the Year of the Banner, 1368 DR, the mage Tranzig stayed at the inn, while acting as an intermediary between the bandit-captain Tazok and the Cyricist cleric Mulahey.[2]



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