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Felldrakes were a group of drakes created by Bahamut.[3]


The felldrakes were all relatively small, wingless dragons.[3]


All felldrakes were fierce, loyal, and good at heart, thanks to the blood of Bahamut that ran within them.[3]


Like all dragons, felldrakes had darkvision and low-light vision, and were immune to magic that induced sleep or paralysis.


Felldrakes lived alongside elves as guards and protectors.[3]


Left to right: leaping, tri-horned, hissing, and crested felldrakes.

There were a variety of known species of felldrakes.[3][1]

  • Crested felldrake - a cunning felldrake that lived in packs.[3][1]
  • Hissing felldrake - slightly larger than crested felldrakes, with coppery scales, hissing felldrakes were fast creatures with soporific venom in their saliva.[1]
  • Horned felldrake - distinctive for their forward-facing horns.[3]
  • Leaping felldrake - green-scaled and natural camoflauged in forests, they were smaller but venomous.[1]
  • Spitting felldrake - slender and capable of spitting acid.[3]
  • Spiked felldrake - the largest species.[4]
  • Tri-horned felldrake - tough, territorial, and agressive; this species would claim an area as its lair and refuse to leave until instructed otherwise. Capable of coralling lesser felldrakes.[1]


A spiked felldrake.

Felldrakes were created by Bahamut after a group of powerful elven mages helped him defeat a demonic invasion. He then created the felldrakes to guard the elves against future incursions.[3]

Tales from Nerath claimed that felldrakes were actually created by cruel, decadent nobles of an empire of that world, and had simply been bred from common drakes.[1]



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