The Fellowship of Bowers and Fletchers was a guild in the city Waterdeep made up of the city's bow-and-arrow crafters, still young by 1357 DR. Despite the high demand for their wares, they maintained a carefree outlook and were not overly concerned with intense mercantile competition.[1]


The fellowship maintained a strict inspection protocol that ensured the goods produced by its members were all of the highest quality. All of their arrow shafts were made straight, fletches were secure allowing for sure flight, and arrow-heads were symmetrical and sharp.[1]

They kept an exclusive contract with the city to produced the shafts that were fired from their siege ballistae.[1]


Guild livery consisted of white jackets and cloaks that were decorated with diagonal red stripes.[1]


The fellowship regularly accepted new members for an entrance fee of 5 gp. Their regular dues were a monthly fee of 8 sp.[1]

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