The Fellowship of Innkeepers was one of the oldest guilds of Waterdeep. The collective of innkeepers and owners banded together to share information for their mutual protection, typically warning one another of problematic clientele such as thieves, rowdy patrons, or troublesome wizards.[1]


The fellowship collectively bargained for products they all used, such as drink, linens, and laundering services, to acquire them at a discount for their respective establishments. They also shared their funds to hire a band of well-armed guards whose services would otherwise be well beyond their budgets.[1]

Every nine nights, the guildmaster opened up Fellowship Hall for its members, so they could enjoy the luxuries of staying in a quality inn for a change.[1]


Entrance into the fellowship had to be approved by a majority of the existing guild members and cost 25 gp. Annual dues were 20 gp.[1]



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