Felogyr's Fireworks was a shop that sold fireworks, torches, candle wicks and other lesser alchemical items in Baldur's Gate.[1]


The four-story stone building was segregated. The top two floors were a dedicated workshop and were off-limits to any customers.[2]


Felogyr's specialized in illuminating items, such as candles, projectiles and torches, that burned in special hues or gave off an extraneous amount of smoke.[1][2] Rose-colored torches were especially popular among the Baldurian populace, often being used in cobble parties.[3]

They also sold rubs used in the cooking of meat, that imbued it with a delightful smoky taste.[1]


As of the the late 15th century DR, Felogyr's maintained sole production of smokepowder within Baldur's Gate. The shop provided the explosive commodity to the Baldurian church of Gond and the Council of Four exclusively, while limiting smokepowder sales to others in the form of fireworks alone.[1][2]

Some time in the Year of Three Ships Sailing, 1492 DR, someone managed to break into the workshop area and stole four kegs of smokepowder. In its place, the thief left a depiction of a phoenix.[2]



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