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Felsul was a type of deciduous tree that thrived in harsh conditions.[3]


Felsul trees had flaky brown bark, from the hue of cinnamon to deep brown.[2][3] Underneath the layer of bark was a soft wood.[1] The trees were often gnarled and twisted. They typically flowered briefly in the early spring.[2][3]


Fresh felsul wood could be eaten to decrease nausea and to numb the mouth and throat to enable eating and sleeping.[1] Felsul wood did not burn well and was too weak to have much other use.[3]

Felsul flowers could be crushed to make an alluring, spicy perfume.[4] An ounce of this perfume cost 100 gp.[2] A sack of flowers could be sold for 5–30 sp.[3]

Felsul root was sometimes used for small carvings, such as for holy symbols, figurines, and toys.[3]


Felsuls were often found in cold, rocky places with poor soil. They could grow where no other tree could: in poor soil, on cliff sides, and in crags.[2]




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