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Fendarl's Gate was a village of shepherds in the Sunset Vale in the Western Heartlands on the upper River Chionthar between Berdusk and Iriaebor.[1]


It stood on the northern bank of the Chionthar, in a bight where it made a sharp curve.[1]


Circa 1366 DR, the village was dominated by his Imperial Altitude, Eldebuck Thorm Fendarl, the High Knight-Emperor of the Vale. He was the four-times-great grandson of the village founder and occupied the small castle, which he called the Imperial Palace. Supremely petty and pompous, he inspected his subjects and guests at highsun, when he insisted everyone eat all their highsunfeast meals, thank the village's abundance, and sing his cooks' praises, while he boasted of Fendarl's heroism with the same tales each day. The local folk wisely did so without fail. Eldebuck required everyone to address him as "Imperial Altitude", and punished those who forgot by confiscating all their goods and imprisoning them for a tenday.[1]


The Imperial Palace was guarded by a grand army of only fourteen knights, who were commanded by Eldebuck. They also went hunting with the imperial falcons, bringing back prey animals for the stew.[1]

Notable Locations[]

The so-called Imperial Palace was a tiny castle that rested atop a rocky knob beside the bank. It also doubled as the village inn, for Eldebuck charged handsomely for the privilege of sharing a roof with the High Knight-Emperor. Its quality left much to be desired, but it had much fine food, thanks to Eldebuck's endless feasting. The "personal guests" who paid or were invited by Eldebuck, his knights, and select villagers were treated to dishes whether they wanted them or not, so at mealtimes villagers would claim to be "too busy in the fields" and knights engaged in training or falcon hunting, lest food be delivered to them on Eldebuck's orders whilst they stood guard.[1]

Otherwise, villagers and visitors alike were forced to congregate in a tent outside the palace, as Eldebuck forbade the building of an actual inn or tavern, much to the disgust of the folk of Fendarl's Gate.[1]


Fendarl's Gate was founded by and named for a retired warrior called Fendarl. He settled here to start a farm, but would have to defend against trolls for the rest of his life. His descendants would continue to lead the village, including Eldebuck Thorm Fendarl by the 1360s DR.[1]


The trade of Fendarl's Gate was in wool and mutton, so it was mostly only visited by merchants and dedicated diners.[1]