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Fenmarel Mestarine (pronounced: /ˈfɛnmərɛl ˈmɛstərinFEHN-muh-rel MESS-tuh-reen[1]) was the elven god of outcasts and isolationists.[1] He was the teacher and protector of isolated elves and elf communities, and was known to use his avatar to patrol their borders.[10]


The holy symbol of Fenmarel.

Fenmarel was sullen and withdrawn, offering cynicism and distrust to almost any non-elf who he came across. Even in regards to the Seldarine, he refused to have any contact with them unless absolutely necessary.[1]

Divine Realm[]

Although Fenmarel was officially considered an inhabitant of Arvandor along with the rest of the Seldarine, he preferred to spend most of his time in his own forest realm of Fennimar in Limbo.[8]


Solonor Thelandira, Shevarash, Gwaeron Windstrom, and Eilistraee were all on good terms with Fenmarel Mestarine, but only the beauty and gentleness of Sehanine Moonbow could bring him into the council halls of the Seldarine.[1] He believed that Corellon Larethian had a poor opinion of him for his past.[7]


Those most likely to worship Fenmarel Mestarine were pariahs and tribes of wild elves struggling to survive in a world hostile to their kind. Each independent group of worshipers worshiped and celebrated their god in their own unique way, a representation of the chaotic nature of a profoundly paranoid deity.[1]

The Misty Vale was a major center of worship of Fenmarel Mestarine.[11]

More recently some neutral fey'ris converted to Fenmarel Mestarine in order to understand better the Faerun of today.[12]


Clergy of Fenmarel Mestarine who served tribes of wild elves were lone wolf specialty priests called the Unbowed. They were referred to as shamans[note 1] rather than priests.[10] Some chose to use different titles or none at all. Clergy included both males and females, with 56% being male.[11]

They offered training in techniques considered underhanded by some, including poisoning, guerilla warfare, and deception. Members of Fenmarel Mestarine's clergy prayed at dusk, an analogy to when darkness first settled upon the world.[1]

Lay Followers[]

Novices were called the Lost. Outcasts and isolated individuals were typically lay followers rather than clergy. They engaged in worship of their own design and observed the anniversary of their banishment as a holy day.[11]


Worshipers of Fenmarel constructed hidden shrines rather than temples. Shrines varied depending on the individual or tribe who constructed them. Builders commonly included a token relating to their isolation as well as plant and animal materials indicative of local threats, shelter, and food sources, such as bones, teeth, claws, sticks, and leaves.[11]


Fenmarel Mestarine was Lolth's adulterous partner prior to her betrayal. He was among the first to be seduced by her promise of power but managed to get back on track with the rest of the Seldarine before the betrayal became anything serious.[7]

Rumors and Legends[]

A Divine Curse resulting from an unnamed elf's unrequited infatuation with Fenmarel transformed the elf into the first harpy.[13]



  1. Although this is the term used, shamans of Fenmarel are distinct from shamans in that they serve a deity rather than spirits.


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