Fennimar was a forest realm in the plane of Limbo according to the Great Wheel cosmology. It was the divine realm of Fenmarel Mestarine.[3]


The realm was a stretch of forest surrounded by a perilous mountain range that was nearly impossible to traverse. This arrangement kept unwelcome visitors such as slaadi at bay. The forest itself had numerous glades, valleys and streams, inhabited by the same sort of sylvan creatures that could be found in Arvandor.[3]

The weather was extremely chaotic and unpredictable in the realm, a reflection of the plane in which it was located. Conditions changed rapidly and wildly without warning.[3]

Notable LocationsEdit

The only artificial structures in the realm were numerous waystations designed to aid travelers in need. Although mostly uninhabited, these locations were always kept supplied with clothes and food.[3]


Fennimar served as a training ground and as a retreat for human and elven rangers, as well as people requiring solitude. It was also inhabited by isolated hermits. No organized communities existed anywhere in the realm.[3]



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