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Ferrix was the goddess of female weretigers.[1]


Her skin had a magnificent yellow/brown sheen, unlike her worshipers, which had orange fur with black stripes. The forms of the Ferrix's avatar ranged from 8‒12 ft (2.4‒3.7 m) in length.[1]


Ferrix was said to be a very curious deity, but was not wise enough to distinguish between useful and insignificant information. She was also said to be particularly vain, and could become quick to anger if mocked. Ferrix was known to visit the Prime Material plane to mate with male weretigers or play with those of her own sex. She was easily flattered, and valued pretty gems.[1]


The avatar of Ferrix was skilled at fighting and had abilities of a druidic nature. As a goddess of lycanthropes, she too mostly appeared and fought in a hybrid form, though she often hunted as a tiger. As such, she could leap very far distances, both up, across, and even backwards. Ferrix attacked with a powerful combination of savage bites and claw attacks.[1]

The alluring avatar was able to charm felines at will, and also charm mammals and people several times per day. Her intimidating roar could cause fear in her enemies, and if she was injured, she could cure critical wounds.[1]

Ferrix was immune to poisons, paralyzation, or ordinary weapons, and she could not contract diseases.[1]


Ferrix wore a ring of human influence.[1]


Ferrix made her home in the Brux layer of the Beastlands.[1]


In terms of allies, Ferrix was on good terms with Nobanion, a bestial demipower of the Faerûnian pantheon.[3] She was also an ally of the Elven power Solonor Thelandira, the Forest Hunter.[4] She was very close with the Cat Lord, and was sometimes seen roaming with him around the Cat Lord's Prowl.[5]



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