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Ferroliths, also called iron demons or Handmaidens of Pain, were a type of demon that resembled metallic succubi.[1]


Ferroliths resembled succubi in form, but lacked that type's beauty and were instead covered in metal. Even their hair was like razor-sharp wires.[1]


Ferroliths lacked the innate magical abilities common to most demons, but the metal on their bodies was incredibly hard and formed razor-sharp claws and fangs.[1]


Ferroliths almost always fought in melee combat. When fighting in groups, they went for the strongest targets first; when fighting alone, they would go for the softest target first.[1]


Ferroliths were native to the Abyss, where they crawled out of pools of molten iron fully formed. Although some ferroliths were known to work for Graz'zt, they did so only because of powerful magic binding them to him. All ferroliths hated the Dark Prince and would gladly ally with any creature that opposed him.[1]

Like the succubi they were descended from, ferroliths enjoyed subterfuge and scheming, and possessed an incredible natural cunning.[1]


Ferroliths first came into being when Graz'zt learned of a plot by some succubi to betray him. In retribution, he cast them into pools of molten abyssal iron, which seared and then bonded to their bodies. When they crawled out, they had become the first ferroliths.[1]

Notable Ferroliths[]

One particularly powerful ferrolith who called herself the Iron Maiden seized a small fortress made of broken swords on the Plain of Infinite Portals and began to send emissaries to the Nine Hells in hopes of forging an alliance against Graz'zt.[1]