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Fetch were deadly creatures that dwelt in the Abyss and accessed the Prime Material plane through mirrors and other reflective surfaces.[3][2]


When a creature stared into a reflective surface, it met the gaze of a fetch staring back. That fetch took on the appearance of its chosen victim but resembled a gravely pale and careworn version of them with dull, lifeless eyes. If a fetch witnessed several creatures throughout the mirror, it took on the image of the individual closest to the reflective surface. If there was no such individual, a fetch took on the appearance of a random individual in the group. The prey's height limited the shape-shifting ability—a fetch could never take on a shape shorter than 4 feet (1.2 meters) nor taller than 7 feet (2.1 meters).[2]

In their natural state, a fetch looked like a corporal featureless shadow.[1]


When fetch entered the Prime Material plane, they remained invisible to all but their targets. This invisibility was never dropped, even in combat, following attacks. They could not be detected via see invisibility or similar spells or abilities, but the spell true seeing instantly revealed them.[2] When encountered in the Abyss, fetch were fully visible.[4]


When a fetch faced its intended prey, it reflexively smiled with malicious glee. Fetch were motivated by complete and utter hate for intelligent creatures who did not revere evil. They spent all their time in the Abyss searching for reflective surfaces to be used to snatch victims from the Prime Material plane.[2]

Occasionally, fetch entertained themselves by killing smaller creatures they found in the Abyss.[2]


When the intended victim faced a fetch in combat, they were vulnerable to the attacks of these Abyssal predators, while fetch themselves were well-protected from the victims' attacks. Fetch attacked with exact replicas of the victim's weapons. If the victim was unarmed, a fetch attacked with its bare hands, landing several fast hits.[2] Each touch, cut, or bruise left on the victim's body opened the mystical path for fetch to drain the prey's lifeforce,[4] significantly weakening them. The powers, skills, and energies that were drained were lost permanently, and it could take many years for the victim to recover.[4] Most victims of fetch who survived abandoned their adventuring careers for good.[2]


Fetch were solitary creatures. They did not need to speak,[2] could understand Common and Abyssal,[1] and they were known to share limited communications with powerful clerics who served evil gods. Occasionally fetch were used as assassins by powerful evil gods and villainous wizards.[2]


Fetch could enter the Prime Material plane through any big reflective surface like pools of water, polished silver serving trays, or mirrors, as long as the surface was big enough to pass through. They could not enter the Prime Material plane until they met the gaze of their intended prey.[3][2]

They radiated no body heat, remained cold to the touch, and did not need to eat or breathe. Fetch dragged the prey through the reflective surface into the Abyss after the target was defeated. There, the unfortunate victim was transformed into a new fetch. If the mirror from which a fetch emerged was destroyed, the creature needed to find another suitable reflective surface to return to the Abyss with or without its prey. If a fetch was unable to return to the Abyss within 24 hours from entering the Prime Material, they started weakening and eventually were destroyed.[2]

Thankfully for all good intelligent inhabitants of the Prime Material plane, fetch rarely were able to find the reflective surface big enough and a victim, making them an uncommon sight.[2]

Cultural Significance[]

The existence of fetch was widely known in the nation of Turmish, in the Vilhon Reach. Many knew an unsettling Turmite song about these dangerous Abyssal stalkers. Because of the fetch, large mirrors were outlawed in Turmish.[4]


In 1368 DR, a group of adventurers that included Joel, a cleric of Finder Wyvernspur; Jasmine, a winged spelljamming warrior; and the kender Emilo Haversack, encountered a fetch when they traveled to the Blood Tor, the Abyssal realm of Beshaba, the goddess of ill fortune. The group was lured to the fetch's lair by Iyachtu Xvim, who took on the guise of Sirrion the Living Flame. The group emerged victorious, but Jas suffered energy drain at the hands of the creature, leaving her weakened and vulnerable in the aftermath.[4]



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