The demonspawn race of elves known as the fey'ri were effectively entombed underneath Myth Drannor for 5000 years until some of the magical warding had eroded and they were able to escape to the surface.

The fiendish race of elves were tainted and had acquired a great deal of power through the dark arts. High Fey'ri mages had summoned 3500 demons and other minions of darkness to fortify their troops and begun a march south along the River Delimbiyr valley and into a narrow pass in the foothills to Evereska, the last elven stronghold.

Key agents of an elite guild of rangers had spotted the invasion from the vantage of their base camp high on Mt. Evereska allowing time to call the archers into position. Using flying disks and formidable warriors of darkness, the Fey'ri and their summoned troops marched up the pass. The sky went dark as thousands of elven archers' arrow littered the sky stopping many and bringing down the enemies numbers, but the assault raged on. Fey'ri mages flew over the ground assault on flying disks and rained-down fireballs and spells in an aerial strike.

The highest level elven mages were able to stop the assault from their position atop the ancient elven keep atop Mt Evereska. The monumentous battle was over...although it was reported that some of the race of hellspawned elves did escape.

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