The feystag, also known as calygraunt, was a fey creature with a control over magic items.[1]


Feystags were generally around 4 feet (1.2 meters) tall at the shoulder, and resembled cats with dusty brown fur and stag-like antlers. They possessed clawed forelimbs, which they could use to crudely handle items. Feystags walked on all fours, although there were reports of them standing on only their hindlegs as well.[2][3]



Calygraunts had a natural, innate ability to detect magical items as well as being able to detect the type, function, and strength of said items. Additionally, once a calygraunt learned how to activate and item, they could use it from up to 20 feet away.[2][3]


Feystags were solitary creatures, although there were reports of encounters with the occasional mated pair as well. They were very rare and elusive. Feystags delighted in mastering and hoarding magical items.[2][3]

Calygraunts were naturally herbivorous, but preferred to feed on certain mosses, mistletoe, and mint. Known predators were basically anything that also preyed upon deer. Calygraunts got along well with centaurs, korreds, and satyrs.[2]



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