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Feythrin was a grig prince (called a groef in the local Sylvan dialect) of the southern High Forest in the late 14th century DR.[1][2]


Feythrin fancied frustrating and infuriating big folk, finding it funny as they shouted and stomped. So he spoke in secretive and slippery statements, avoiding answering all askings unless aimed right at him, and even then answering only to annoy. He argued with arrogant airs[1] and often-times all in alliteration.[2][note 1]


Following his fellow fey, Feythrin fiddled with a grig fiddle and could compel characters to cavort out of control.[1]


The goblinoid gangsters of the ghastly Hekkut garnered grief from the groef, as he'd jousted at them with jokes and japes a time or deuce for his jests. He had the whole know-how of their hideout and its holes in the High Forest.[1]


Much merrier my midnight mirth promises making them my momentary mischief.
— A prince's plans for playtime.[2]

In the Year of Wild Magic, 1372 DR, a summer sunset saw the silly sprite seek to send up his sparring partners. However, he happened on the horror-show of a halfling held hostage and harmed by the hateful Skar, bugbear goon Gvrag, and the goblin gang. The grig, about to act, was audience to adventurers who attacked the antagonists and so did depart, disappointed in the defeat of the dupes desired for his delight.[2]

Feythrin found the fellowship again the following day, as they blundered into his birch bower and bothered his big dreams of buttons purple. His daydreaming disturbed, he determined his new "deputies of delight" should engross him instead through endeavor or entertainment.[2]

Greetings, peasants. You are very lucky big folk, for you are in the presence of royalty. I am Groef Feythrin, and I am here to be entertained by you. Do your best, or I will not think well of you.
— An audience allowed to adventurers[2]

Perchance they perceived him playing a piffling jig, and queried him on the quarters of their quarry, yet the royal one would only reciprocate if they regaled him with moderately good music of a merry mood or even just funny jokes and jests and japes. Performing his own piece, possibly pushing them to pirouette and prance, the artist absconded with all arcane arts in his arsenal.[1][note 2]

With them unwitting and unaware of their watchful witness, he trailed them as they tracked the terrors to their blueleaf tree lair and eliminated the evil enemies for his enjoyment. Feythrin followed them furtively then finally farewelled them at his realm's frontier.[2]

Later, he told their tale to Teseryne Truesilver, but claimed their conflicts could only be captured in choral composition.[2]



  1. The Extermination module has Feythrin speak somewhat normally, if pompously, while the official recap suggests he speaks entirely in alliteration.
  2. While the Extermination module has an optional encounter between Feythrin and the PCs, the official recap has no meeting between them at this point. The module's version is included here as a possibility for completeness.


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