Fflar Starbrow Melruth was the former Captain of Myth Drannor in the Akh'Velahr (army of Cormanthor).[note 1][3]


Fflar was tall with broad shoulders, had russet hair and a broad, handsome face.[4] He wore his hair in a braid.[5]


Fflar had a wife, Sorenna Alydyrrin,[6] and son in the time when Myth Drannor was still standing. Both fled before the city fell.[7]


Fflar carried the sword known as Keryvian.[8] He has been known to be armored with a lacquered breastplate and a kite-shaped shield.[9]


In the 8th century DR, Fflar was gathering his forces to make a last stand against the unholy beasts from the shadow realm. Though his army was ambushed, he fought on, and his forces dwindled.[10] Fflar was killed during the conflict on 15th Flamerule 714 DR in the Fall of Myth Drannor,[11] after which he went to Arvandor.[4] He was buried in the Warrior's Tomb around Myth Drannor.[10]

As a ghost, Fflar haunted the north center of the second floor of the Warrior's Tomb, though he wasn't aware that he was in fact dead. In his ghostly state, he mistook anyone who ventured into the tomb as an intruder, and attacked them, unless he was given direct proof that he had perished.[10]

On 20th Ches 1374 DR, Fflar Starbrow Melruth was resurrected by Seiveril Miritar, in order to take up Keryvian in battle against the daemonfey invasion of Faerûn. It was during this conflict that the resurrected elven warrior met and joined forces with Araevin Teshurr, Ilsevele Miritar and others. This group was instrumental in the defeat of the daemonfey and the reestablishment of the Realm of Cormanthyr. These events also led to the eventual betrothal of Fflar and Ilsevele Miritar which, in turn, ended her betrothal to Araevin Teshurr.[4]



  1. According to Cormanthyr: Empire of the Elves, a "Captain Fflar" was credited as being a famed instructor on the School of Arms in Semberholme, in which he taught for eight years after his wife gave birth to their first child in the Year of Seven Stones (335 DR), but this one can't possibly be the same Fflar, according to his age.



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