Fidelio was a ghost paladin in Undermountain in 1375 DR.[2]


In life, Fidelio had always been certain of his superiority over his fellows and unabashed by the criticisms of friends and foes. In undeath, although he was not evil, he was willing to do anything to break his curse, even endangering innocents.[2]


Fidelio in life was a paladin of a god of justice. He went to Undermountain to battle evil. There, he fought a powerful fiend of the nether planes to a stalemate. He asked his god's help to win, but after the victory Fidelio was arrogant and belittled his foe. So his god decided to punish him by cursing him: he was condemned to wander Undermountain as a ghost and punish braggarts like himself by teleporting them into dangerous spots of the dungeon.[2][3]

For decades, Fidelio wandered the dungeon but the magic energies unleashed by death of Halaster Blackcloak in 1375 DR weakened his curse and amplified his teleportation powers. He had identified three magical objects that combined could break his curse, but needed someone with a physical body to recover them.[2]


Fidelio used his teleport powers to send braggarts, and also people with them, into dangerous spots in the dungeon.[4]



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