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Filth imps, also called stinkers, were a disgusting variety of imp.[1]


Filth imps resembled 1.5‑foot-tall (0.46‑meter) imps with yellowish brown skin that was covered in dried filth. They weighed about 10 lb (4.5 kg), and did not have a tail. Filth imps always stunk worse than any privy.[1]


Like other imps, filth imps could see in normal and magical darkness, healed quickly, and could take two other forms at will.[2] They were known to speak the Abyssal, Common, Draconic, and Infernal languages.[1]

Filth imps could duplicate the effects of the spells detect good, detect magic, and invisibility (on itself only) at will, and the spell stinking cloud once per day. Three times per day, a filth imp could emit an invisible cloud of stinking, sickening gas that would cover a 20‑foot (6.1‑meter) radius; the sickening effect dissipated quickly, but the stench could last up to an hour. Additionally, anyone who was injured by a filth imp's claws was in danger of contracting filth fever.[1]

Filth imps were, surprisingly, accomplished forgers and translators, and had a talent for codes and ciphers.[1]


Filth imps preferred to heckle and harass rather than fight. They were nasty, rambunctious devils that would sometimes, in the course of their work as forgers and translators, purposefully mistranslate important phrases just to cause suffering.[1]


Filth imps originated in and were native to the Nine Hells, but they could be found working as translators and forgers on the Material Plane.[1]

Filth imps could be summoned with the spell summon monster IV, although it was questionable why anyone would want to do so.[1]




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