Filvendor Floshin was the youngest son of Elorfindar Floshin in Daggerford around 1327 DR[2] and 1370 DR[1].


Filvendor was the father of Kelson Darktreader[3] and Filarion.[4]

At one or more points he disappeared from the town.[note 1] His son Filarion went to search him but with no success and Filvendor was presumed dead after 1468 DR.[5]


Filvendor was the son who most resembled Elorfindar. He was spirited and untamed and didn't avoid stress in his daily routine, like his father. Elorfindar put much effort into guiding Filvendor, but the son always remained in control of his destiny and was trying to find his personal path.[1]



  1. Under Illefarn indicates Filvendor disappeared to the east 20 years prior, while The North: Guide to the Savage Frontier includes his residence and description. It is unclear whether this was included for reference or if he had returned at that time and later disappeared again.


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