Find humanoid familiar was a spell that could only be cast by dragons. It was nearly identical to the find familiar spell.[1][2]


This spell allowed a dragon to charm a humanoid into becoming its familiar. The targeted individual was overcome with unbreakable loyalty to the dragon, even to the point of giving its life for its master. The dragon and familiar shared a telepathic bond, allowing for two-way communication to a distance of 5 mi (8 km). The dragon was unable to use the senses of the familiar and suffered no harm if the familiar was killed. The spell could only be cast on goblinoids, kobolds, or orcs. A dragon killing its spellbound familiar was considered such a strong taboo that the dragon risked incurring the wrath of one of more deities. [1][2]


This spell required only a verbal component. Casting the spell required the dragon's full concentration and could take up to twenty hours to cast, the dragon chanting the verbal component the whole time. The spell was not guaranteed to find a familiar, and the dragon could only cast this spell once a year.[1][2]



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