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Fire drakes were one of the most powerful and evil species of elemental drake.[2]


Fire drakes resembled lithe, 12‑foot-long (3.7‑meter) dragons with fiery yellow eyes and scales that ranged in color from blood red to bright vermilion. Their voice, when the spoke, was screechy.[2]


Fire drakes were cunning, evil creatures.[2]


Fire drakes were immune to fire, magic that induced sleep, and paralysis. They lacked a breathe weapon but radiated intense heat from the bodies.[2]


Fire drakes relied on their formidable natural weapons, but lacked any ranged attack. They had extremely quick reflexes. When attacked, fire drakes were known to feign surprise in order to draw enemies closer to them.[2]


Fire drakes were predatory creatures that lived in warm hills. They were sometimes mistaken for young red dragons, and were known to utilize this mistake when dealing with people, as most people would rather not anger a red dragon. However, fire drakes themselves also avoided direct contact with red dragons. Fire giants were known to sometimes "tame" fire drakes and keep them as pets or guardians, although fire drakes did not like fire giants.[2]

Fire drakes were known to live to the north of the Lake of Steam.[4]


Firedrake Bay was named after a significant population of firedrakes that inhabited the very southern edge of the Firedrake Shores since before the region's discovery.[1]


In the 1360s DR, the Red Wizard Marek Rymüt bred female fire drakes with the black dragon Insithryllax to create the black firedrake species.[5]



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