A fire mephit was a mephit from the Elemental Plane of Fire.[2]


Fire mephits had red bodies that were streaked in black. These miniature devils were surrounded in flames (or flame auras), and halos of fire covered their wings.[2][1]

Their wings were sometimes said to be bat-like, and they sometimes had fake facial hair, such as mustaches and goatees.[5]


They were proud of their heritage, and believed themselves superior to creatures that weren't fire-based. Fire mephits indulged in torturing such creatures.[2] As well as more serious forms of interaction, these mephits were very mischievous and natural pranksters.[5]


Mephits attacked with their claws, which also burned foes, due to the flames surrounding their bodies. They could also blast flames at enemies at close range, as well as heat metal.[5] Such mephits regenerated quickly, but only if they didn't take damage from cold- or psychic-based attacks. Due to their nature, they didn't take any damage from fire-based attacks.[2]

As well as their own fire-based attacks, they could also cast magic missile, as well as gating in other mephits. Unlike most mephits, which only spawned in their own type or similar types, fire mephits could gate in steam, smoke, and magma mephits, as well as their own type.[5]


Such mephits were usually found in the Elemental planes, such as its home plane and the Fountains of Creation. Otherwise, they inhabited areas that had burnt out of control, or areas with natural blazes, such as volcanoes and forest fires.[2]

They were sometimes used by humanoids to light cigars or heat forges.[5]

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