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Fire spiders were a species of spider infused with elemental fire that were native to Conflagratum, the 601st layer of the Abyss.[1]


These diminutive spiders had bodies black like coal, laced with streaks of magma and legs that were wholly made of arcane fire.[1]


These creatures operated in hive minds and delighted in setting things aflame. When set loose in an area they would focus their attention on the most combustible of objects.[1]


Any combustible material that made contact with a fire spider would be set aflame, including living creatures, thus fire spiders could easily cause rapidly spreading conflagrations. Their fangs were also venomous.[1]

As befitting their fiery nature, fire spiders were very vulnerable to cold.[1] Some believed they were even vulnerable to water or other nonflammable liquids.[2] And due to operating as a hive mind, swarms of them were very suspectible to mind-affecting spells and abilities.[1]


Fire spiders swarm over their next victim.

Multiple swarms of these creatures would work in concert with one another, isolating their prey by encircling them with rings of fire.[1]


In −2439 DR,[1][2][3] fire spiders arrived on the Prime Material plane for the first time when a group of Maerimydran drow spellcasters based in the Twisted Tower of Ashaba[1] summoned them to set large parts of the southern Rystall Woods on fire, separating it from its northern reaches,[1][2][3] an area that would later become known as the Border Forest. In later centuries, drow would continue to occasionally summon fire spiders in order to set things aflame.[1]

In the Year of Risen Elfkin, 1375 DR, during the Zhentarim invasion of Shadowdale, a drow named Xullrae Dhuurniv summoned a swarm of these spiders on to the Prime Material plane in an effort to set the forest of Cormanthor aflame.[4]



Though they originated in the Conflagratum, fire spiders later spread to many other fiery regions of the Abyss. And following their summoning to the Prime Material in -2439 DR, reports suggested that they could occasionally be encountered within the Deep Wastes.[1]

On the Prime Material plane, fire spiders rarely survived or propagated outside of areas in temperate regions that were rich with prey and combustible material, such as forests.[1]


These spiders could be summoned by spellcasters through use of the spell fire spiders.[2]



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