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Fire spiders was a spell that summoned[1] a species of planar spiders infused with elemental fire, known as fire spiders.[2][note 1]


This spell conjured a swarm of around 240 fire spiders, which would search the surrounding area for something or someone to attack and ignite. These creatures were immune to fire, but vulnerable to water or other nonflammable liquids. They would not die after the attack. Instead they would stay until they were slain, banished, or the spell expired.[1]


In −2439 DR,[1][2][3] a group of Maerimydran drow spellcasters based in the Twisted Tower of Ashaba[2] used this spell to set large parts of the southern Rystall Woods on fire, separating it from Cormanthor.[1][2][3]

Material components[]

Casting this spell required rubys or ruby dust worth at least 500 gold pieces. The spell also required a somatic and verbal component.[1]

Spellcasting Traditions[]



  1. Magic of Faerûn states that this spell summons fire elementals that resemble mundane spiders in size and shape. However, the later published Shadowdale: The Scouring of the Land suggests that this spell instead summons a species of magical beast known as fire spiders.


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